Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lucy -- Six Months

Oh my sweet Lucy Joy. Life with this baby is so sweet. Her cheeks are growing by the day, and are delicious, in case you are wondering. We had another very serious photo shoot this month, she was not interested in smiling until we got inside...little stinker!

Our sweet girl still loves to cuddle and snuggle. Being held is by far her favorite thing ever. She's getting a little bit more adventurous and is enjoying playing on the ground a little more than she has been, but would still choose being in someones arms over the ground any day. Her personality is serious, but oh so sweet, content, laid back, and happy. She is a thinker, watching and studying everything carefully. She giggles every once in a while, but they are very reserved quiet giggles that she pulls off somehow without ever even opening her mouth or smiling. We have maybe gotten 5 belly laughs out of her EVER. She is a tough crowd, and honestly just doesn't think we are funny!

Health wise, it was a so-so month. She had a little cold, which of course turned into an ear infection because that's just how my kids roll. 

Sleep. OH SLEEP. You are a thing of the past that I have sadly kissed goodbye with a tiny glimmer of hope of seeing you again someday. Lulu is NOT a good sleeper. She has been waking up at least every 2 hours in the night to nurse back to sleep. We still have her in the bassinet next to our bed, and she almost always ends up in the bed next to me eating ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We've at least gotten a bedtime routine, and she is almost always asleep by 8 at night. She's up again by 10 or 11, but let's focus on the positive!

no clue. haha

We introduced solids this month and so far she hasn't met a food she doesn't like. Unfortunately she's allergic to banana and avocado. Poor girl gets so broken out around her little mouth and her lips get slightly swollen, so we'll be staying away from those for a while. 

 Big girl is up to 18lbs and 26 inches long! Wearing 6 month, 9 month, and even some 12 month. I'm going into a slight depression because all of Ruby's cute summer clothes from this age are mostly 9 month and I'm thinking there's a slim chance that Lucy will still fit into them by this summer. All of my favorite rompers...sigh.

Lucy is a pro at sitting now and sitting is definitely her favorite way to play. She's not interested in trying to crawl which is fine by me. She's gained more a voice this month and is saying "dada" all the time, she loves to squeal and make her presence known in our loud house. 

crazy banjo interrupting our photo sesh

Lucy's 6 month favorites:
-Mama, Dada, and Ruby
-Being held
-Milk parties all night long
-Never sleeping. Ever. 
-The bouncer
-FOOD (specifically broccoli, apples, sweet potatoes and peas)
-Chewing on everything

Lucy's 6 month least favorites:
-Getting out of the bath
-Laughing at all of these fools who think they are funny, THEY AREN'T.
-Being left alone in a room.

Sweet girl! You are half a year old. I can't believe it. In some ways it feels like you just got here, but in other ways I feel like we have known you all along and can't remember what life was like without your sweet soul in it. I am so thankful for your big beautiful smile that brings us so much JOY. Lucy, we love you so much. Happy half birthday, my love. 


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