Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lucy -- Six Months

Oh my sweet Lucy Joy. Life with this baby is so sweet. Her cheeks are growing by the day, and are delicious, in case you are wondering. We had another very serious photo shoot this month, she was not interested in smiling until we got inside...little stinker!

Our sweet girl still loves to cuddle and snuggle. Being held is by far her favorite thing ever. She's getting a little bit more adventurous and is enjoying playing on the ground a little more than she has been, but would still choose being in someones arms over the ground any day. Her personality is serious, but oh so sweet, content, laid back, and happy. She is a thinker, watching and studying everything carefully. She giggles every once in a while, but they are very reserved quiet giggles that she pulls off somehow without ever even opening her mouth or smiling. We have maybe gotten 5 belly laughs out of her EVER. She is a tough crowd, and honestly just doesn't think we are funny!

Health wise, it was a so-so month. She had a little cold, which of course turned into an ear infection because that's just how my kids roll. 

Sleep. OH SLEEP. You are a thing of the past that I have sadly kissed goodbye with a tiny glimmer of hope of seeing you again someday. Lulu is NOT a good sleeper. She has been waking up at least every 2 hours in the night to nurse back to sleep. We still have her in the bassinet next to our bed, and she almost always ends up in the bed next to me eating ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We've at least gotten a bedtime routine, and she is almost always asleep by 8 at night. She's up again by 10 or 11, but let's focus on the positive!

no clue. haha

We introduced solids this month and so far she hasn't met a food she doesn't like. Unfortunately she's allergic to banana and avocado. Poor girl gets so broken out around her little mouth and her lips get slightly swollen, so we'll be staying away from those for a while. 

 Big girl is up to 18lbs and 26 inches long! Wearing 6 month, 9 month, and even some 12 month. I'm going into a slight depression because all of Ruby's cute summer clothes from this age are mostly 9 month and I'm thinking there's a slim chance that Lucy will still fit into them by this summer. All of my favorite rompers...sigh.

Lucy is a pro at sitting now and sitting is definitely her favorite way to play. She's not interested in trying to crawl which is fine by me. She's gained more a voice this month and is saying "dada" all the time, she loves to squeal and make her presence known in our loud house. 

crazy banjo interrupting our photo sesh

Lucy's 6 month favorites:
-Mama, Dada, and Ruby
-Being held
-Milk parties all night long
-Never sleeping. Ever. 
-The bouncer
-FOOD (specifically broccoli, apples, sweet potatoes and peas)
-Chewing on everything

Lucy's 6 month least favorites:
-Getting out of the bath
-Laughing at all of these fools who think they are funny, THEY AREN'T.
-Being left alone in a room.

Sweet girl! You are half a year old. I can't believe it. In some ways it feels like you just got here, but in other ways I feel like we have known you all along and can't remember what life was like without your sweet soul in it. I am so thankful for your big beautiful smile that brings us so much JOY. Lucy, we love you so much. Happy half birthday, my love. 


Monday, December 1, 2014

Lucy -- Five Months

This little one is growing and changing way too fast for me. I should be expecting this, since I've experienced how fast this time flies by with Ruby, but it still takes me by surprise.

Lucy is still such a little love bug. She's a cuddly little thing, and is always happy to be in someones arms. She rarely gets put down because of that. She's happy, laid back, and gives the best gummy grins.

No real health issues this month, praise the Lord! She has been ear infection free for 2 months now, and we're all crossing our fingers that they are gone for good and she doesn't have to get tubes like Ruby did.

Lucy is still on about the same sleep routine that she was last month. She'll go to bed around 8 or so, and usually wakes up once or twice to eat at night. I switched over to working nights this past month, so that has been an adjustment for all of us. She's a smart little stinker though and totally knows when I'm not there because generally sleeps SO much better for Andrew than she will for me. The bottle clearly is not her top choice of milk consumption. She almost always just wakes up once for Andrew, and when I'm home is almost always at least twice, if not more. The child does not nap either. It's pretty much impossible to accomplish anything with her nap "schedule". We're lucky if she takes a 20 minute nap. Oh well. Hopefully she'll figure it out eventually because naptime is a sacred time around here.

She's still a great eater! LOVES to eat, actually. She's definitely getting close to being ready to eat solids. She follows food that we're eating so closely with her eyes, and is constantly trying to grab our plates and throw them off the table. I offered her a banana the other day to play with and she sucked on it so hard, and loved playing with it. However, the next day she woke up with a horrible rash around her face. Unfortunately, I had just decided to try a new detergent as well, so I'm really not sure what caused it. I think we'll hold of on trying any more foods for another month or so, and reintroduce it then.

She's weighing in at a whopping 17lbs, and is 25.5 inches long. In 3-6 month and 6 month clothes with some random 9 month onesies thrown in the mix. She's got the most squishy tummy and legs, and I'm going to go into mourning when both of my girls don't have fat baby legs and belly to kiss and squeeze.

As far as milestones go, she started sitting up about two weeks prior to her 5 month birthday. She's still a little wobbly and bites the dust at times, but she really enjoyed this new found view of the world. She's rolling a bunch, and doing much better at tummy time, I know that I'm going to blink and I'll have two mobile little ones in the house. I can imagine the madness that it will be.

Lucy's favorite things:
-Ruby. She LOVES to watch her sister play. She also is slightly nervous when she gets too close, but who can blame her, two year olds are dangerous little creatures.
-Mama and daddy. She lights up when she sees either of us. Melts your heart.
-Banjo. He makes her smile. She makes him angry with her hair pulling tendencies.
-Pacifier. Life saver.
-Snuggling. Being held all day.
-Riding in the car. PTL.
-Chewing on her toes, and anything she can get in her mouth.

Lucy's least favorite things:
-Being put down.
-I can't think of anything else, which reminds me how lucky we are...such a sweet, laid back baby!

Lucy girl,

Our sweet baby, you make us so happy and bring so much joy into our lives. You're beautiful, content, and such a love bug. We feel so lucky to be your parents. Watching you grow is a privilege and a blessing. We love you so much, baby girl!

Lucy -- Four Months

Lucy is already 5 months old, so I figured I should get this up before she turns 6 months old next week. Oops!

She's a gem. We couldn't be anymore lucky with this sweet, laid back, content little girl. With a very high energy, rambunctious, CRAZY big sister, it's such a blessing to have a chill baby that's happy to just chill in someone's arms amidst the crazy.

This sweet baby's personality is really starting to come out. She is such a happy girl. She's just much more serious and reserved that Ruby has ever been. She smiles ALL THE TIME, but has yet to let out any big belly laughs, mostly just tiny chuckles and this funny laugh that sounds like she's holding it all in. I have to constantly remind myself that she and Rubes are DIFFERENT people. I don't know why I keep expecting Lucy to do the same things Ruby was doing at this age, they are not the same baby. Silly me. Lucy is her own wonderful person, and we are loving getting to know her sweet little self. 

We had a couple REALLY rough nights of sleep (or lack there of) this month, but it seems as though she's finally gotten in a groove with a bedtime now. Up until this point she's been staying up late with mama and daddy (until around 11 or so), but now she's going to bed around 8 or 8:30. She's still waking up several times a night to nurse. Baby girl loves to eat. Which brings me to my next topic...

FOOD. Lucy's favorite thing ever. I think she would nurse all day if I let her. She's up to 16lbs and 25 inches this month. She's outgrown all of her 3 month clothes and moved onto 6 month. Growing so, so fast! When she's home with mama she like to eat every 2-3 hours still, but when she's at daycare she usually eats 4-5oz every 4 hours. I've thankfully been able to keep up with pumping and have a little bit of a freezer stash to fall back on should anything happen. I feel so lucky to be able to still provide my baby with my milk even when we can't be together. As much as I dislike pumping, it's so worth it!

Favorite things: Mama & Daddy,  milk, playing with toys that make noise, watching Ruby and Banjo, riding in the car. 

Least favorite things: Being left alone in a room for longer than ONE second, not being held. 

Beautiful girl, 
You are so special to us. These last 4 months with you have been such a great gift. We love how wonderfully different you are than your sister. You're wonderful, and perfect, and we couldn't love you more! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sister, Sister

Seeing my girls together does something to my heart that I can't quite explain. Watching them grow together is such a blessing. Ruby loves her sister SO much. And Lucy, well, she'll figure it out. Maybe once she's not being squeezed so much she'll like Ruby a little more. 
A friend made the girls these adorable outfits, and it was a great excuse for a little sister photo shoot. 
I love these two more than words can say. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lucy -- Three Months

As I've said over and over again the past two years, time is just FLYING by. We're really quite busy these days. I started a new job in August, and we've temporarily added a new little one to the family through foster care. Lucy is still a bright ray of sunshine in our lives. She has quickly become the easiest child in our family. She's chill, laid back, and really only fusses when she's tired or hungry. What a blessing.

While she has the sweetest, smiliest, cutest personality, Lucy was just not feelin' it for this month's photoshoot. She was very serious, and did not want to show off her sweet smile like she did for last month's pictures. I captured her serious side, and I think it's just as cute.

Lucy's sleep habits haven't really changed since last month. She's still waking up at least once a night to eat, and still being a little night owl and not going to bed until 10pm. She usually sleeps until about 3am, wakes up to nurse, and then goes back to sleep until around 7 or so. It's not like a science though, and there a nights where she'll wake up 3 times a night. I think since Ruby is still so young, I'm able to remember that this time with her being little and waking up to eat several times a night is going to fly by. It's easy to cherish those late night snuggles even in sleep deprivation because I know that soon she'll be running around destroying our house with her big sister.

Lucy's been doing great at daycare. She's gotten everyone wrapped around her little fingers and is getting spoiled with love every day she's there. The great part about my job is that I only work three days a week, so I get to spend 4 days with her and Ruby. We're having a lot of fun spending more time together.

Unfortunately, we've still been having health issues. My girl got another ear infection this month, and also had a blocked tear duct that got infected. I'm afraid that she's going to end up with tubes like Ruby did.

She's a GREAT eater. She still eats every 2 hours during the day (crazy, right?!), and has gained 3 lbs this month putting her at 14lbs! I'm not sure how long she is, but she's definitely gotten longer. We unpacked the 3-6 month box of clothes, but I'm still squeezing her into some of her 3 month outfits. She seems to be growing so much faster than Ruby did. She's got lots of kissable baby rolls...my favorite!

Lucy's favorite things this month: mama's milk, sleeping on someone's chest, being held, smiling, talking, and watching tv.

Lucy's least favorite things this month: tummy time, being tired, being hungry. (pretty easy to please!)

Precious Lucy, 

Your name means light and joy, and as you grow and start showing us more of your sweet personality, I realize we couldn't have chosen a better name to fit who you are. We're so blessed to have you in our lives, little one. I'm so proud to be your mama. 
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